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Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited in alliance with Ade-Sab metal works has a large fabrication facility where pre-fabrication activities are carried out. With the modern equipment installed at this facility, its fabrication capability has gone up to 35Mt/Annum for structural steel works while 20Mt/annum for piping fabrication and process piping fabrication including all associated works. The fabrication capabilities include;

  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Storage tanks
  • Manifold skids
  • Pig launcher and receivers


Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited has developed and trained competent Nigerians in the following areas of instrumentation, Control and Electrical works;

I & E Construction for process/chemical plants, flow stations & refineries, I & E maintenance services, Modular Control Buildings including motor control centres, process control, ESD systems, fire and gas safety systems and Power Systems (Modularized switch gear systems, UPS, Rectifiers).


Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited has developed the construction control and support systems necessary to assure successful construction management of a project. Some of the activities involved include but are not limited to;

  • Construction management
  • Blasting and Painting Works
  • Offsite pre-fabrication works
  • Valve maintenance and replacement services

By applying our significant experience to operational principles, we are able to provide an optimum product for our clients, which;

  1. Reduce maintenance cost as a result of solid initial project quality.
  2. Minimize downtown for maintenance
  3. Utilize “state of the art” construction technology supplemented by most-experienced local personnel
  4. Ensure compliance to stringent schedules with on time project completion.
  5. Adhere to compliance with all regulatory and environmental guidelines
  6. Generally reduce construction cost.
  7. Ensure highest quality control standard is applied


Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited provides both technical and non-technical manpower support services to our clients in the area of project management, construction support services, installation and hook up works, etc.

In order to optimize the recruitment of adequate and competent personnel for a project, a recruitment process is strictly adhered to.


Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited has a dedicated procurement unit having well qualified staff, with relevant experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our Procurement department have undergone training both within and outside the shores of the nation, and are capable of carrying out any procurement activity including eProcurement.


Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited provides cost effective and highly innovative solutions for upgrading and automation of entire plant operations based on open system architecture. Our experience extends to the foundation Fieldbus, Hart, Modbus, OPC, TCP/IP technologies. We handle the following services both in onshore and offshore Oil & Gas facilities;

  • DCS Hardware and Software configuration
  • Program Logic Controllers
  • Safety Systems
  • Human machine Interface (HMI)
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Commissioning & Start-up


The management of Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited believes that accident/injuries are preventable and therefore such accidents are unacceptable in its operations.

Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited will in all its operations integrate safety and will unreservedly pursue all accident prevention through a well-structured and effective HSE system.

Therefore our activities and programs will be organised, planned and executed in such a manner as to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment and adequate welfare facilities for her work force.
  • Protect and promote the health of its workforce as well as the conduct of its activities in such a manner not to adversely affect a third party (Host community inclusive).
  • Avoid injuries to workers, sub contractors and third party who are involved directly or indirectly by Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited activities
  • Reduce the impact on the environment in which Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited operates. “In Top Inlet, safety is 24/7”


In Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited, quality means attention to details and by doing so; we fulfil our clients’ needs. Every customer has distinct needs to ensure business success. We are focused on understanding their needs and incorporating them into our project delivery so we can contribute to our customers’ success.

In Top Inlet, our policy is to maintain an effective Quality Management System to ensure total client satisfaction with all our services.

All Top Inlet Control Ventures Limited services are in line with the Quality Management System which is based on the guidelines for ISO 9001:2000.